Welcome to the Child Support Lien Network


What is the Child Support Lien Network (CSLN)?

The State of Rhode Island established the Child Support Lien Network in 1999 to publish data from states' delinquent child support obligor file into one accessible, easy-to-use database for the purpose of asset matching, specifically intercepting insurance settlements owed to delinquent child support obligors. Click here for a list of child support member agencies.


For what purposes can an insurance company use the data contained in the CSLN?

An insurance company can only use this data for Title IV-D child support purposes under the Social Security Act. The data shows if a reported claimant or beneficiary has a delinquent support obligation.


Is the CSLN child support information on a secure web site?

All access and transfer of information is secure and all information is encrypted for privacy and confidentiality.


How can an insurance company register for access to the insurance intercept database on the Internet?

A company may register for access to the Insurance Intercept database via the Internet by clicking on the Register button at the top of this page. Companies must complete all the information requested on this page.

Companies must also print out a copy of the Confidentiality Statement, fill it out and fax it to (781) 623-8030.

Once your company information has been reviewed and your signed confidentiality statement has been received, secure access to the Insurance Intercept Database will be approved. Your company will be notified via e-mail of access approval. This notice will include the user id you have been assigned, the web site address and basic instructions.

Important note - please be sure to record your password, you will need this for access to the secure site. You may contact us for technical support at or call (888) 240-7488.


How is an insurance company protected from liability in those states that do not have child support insurance intercept laws?

The legal foundation for child support insurance intercept originated with the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act (PRWORA) of 1996. A complete review of this and related laws and how they apply to child support insurance intercept and the Child Support Lien Network is here. Additional protection was given insurers in 2005 with the passing of the Deficit Reduction Act. A copy of the section that applies is here.


How does an insurance company get a copy of the confidentiality statement?

A copy of the confidentiality statement can be viewed here. This form can be printed and faxed to (781) 623-8030 or mailed to:

Insurance Intercept Program
600 Longwater Drive
Suite 202
Norwell, MA 02061

Once we have received the confidentiality statement and registration, on-line access to the secure processing site will be approved.


What options do insurance companies have in how they use the data?

In order to facilitate the efficient and prompt reporting of child support arrearages in one central location, insurance companies doing business in the state of may utilize this centralized database to identify child support cases matching pending insurance claims.

Insurance companies may participate in an automated data match process. Please contact our help desk at (888) 240-7488 for further information on how to use this efficient process.

Two Internet sites provide information to insurance companies on delinquent child support cases. This Public Site provides general information on the law and processing.

The Insurance Intercept Secure Processing Site (web site address only available to authorized remote users) provides insurance companies with the capability to review child support information via an Interactive Lookup-online system.

All access and transfer of information is secure and all information is encrypted for privacy and confidentiality. All authorized remote users must sign a Confidentiality Statement to be granted access to the secure site.


How often should an insurance company review the database supplied by the CSLN?

Insurance companies are encouraged to query the CSLN database as early as possible in the claims process, but not later than 30 days before a claim settlement.

As an alternative, insurance companies can conduct electronic interfaces with . The interface matches past due and overdue child support obligor files on the CSLN database with insurance claim information maintained by ISO. This more easily identifies potential assets available for collection by child support enforcement authorities. This new interface makes interaction with your company much less intrusive. The ISO interface allows the CSLN web site and/or child support enforcement authorities to alert your company (by e-mail, fax or mail) of only those claims that your company has registered with ISO that have matched our past due and overdue obligor files. The CSLN/ISO processing option focuses work efforts on only those claimants that actually require child support enforcement activity.


Who does the insurance company notify when they have a match?

An insurance company does not have to notify anyone. CSLN will automatically alert the Kentucky Child Support Enforcement authorities of any match via e-mail. The Kentucky Division of Child Support authorities will contact the insurance company to confirm the claim and CSLN will send an Income Withholding Order to the Insurance Company and the claimant upon acceptance of the match by the State of Kentucky.


How often will update the database?

The State of will most likely update the database on a monthly basis, but the frequency may change at any time. Please note the date of the file when accessing this information.


What will the State of do when there is a match?

CSLN will issue an Income Withholding Order (IWO) to the Insurance Company to attach insurance payments payable to the claimant or beneficiary. A copy of the IWO will also be sent to the claimant advising of the issuance of the Withholding Order. For more information, see What Happens Next.


How can I get a copy of laws on child support enforcement?

You can view a copy of the relevant laws on child support enforcement by clicking on the Laws navigation link at the top of this page. You can also get a copy of the law faxed or e-mailed to you by calling (888) 240-7488 or e-mailing us at


What is the maximum amount that an insurance company can withhold?

The insurance company should surrender the amount requested or the amount of the insurance payment, whichever is less. However, the state where the claimant lives governs the maximum amount that can be withheld. It is best to check with the child support agency in the state where the claimant lives to determine the maximum amount to withhold.


What if the claimant or beneficiary does not have a Social Security number?

If the claimant or beneficiary does not have a Social Security number, the insurance company may match the claimant or beneficiary's name and date of birth against Child Support Enforcement Program information. You cannot add the Social Security number contained in the Kentucky database to your claim.


What if the claimant or beneficiary says he or she doesn't owe past-due support or objects to withholding?

Inform the claimant/beneficiary to contact the child support enforcement authority listed on the Income Withholding Order.


What happens if insurance company staff wants to enter a Social Security Number (SSN) into the CSLN web site?

If the insurance company's SSN for the claimant is a close match or variation of the SSN, please enter notes in the text box provided on the Match response screen, with information on who to contact at the insurance company, along with any other helpful information, such as the claimant's address. CSLN will pass this information onto the Child Support Enforcement Program contact for further investigation.


How can insurance companies get technical support for using the Internet site?

Technical support is available via e-mail to or over the telephone at (888) 240-7488.