Real Property Services

The Child Support Lien Network (CSLN) can provide a comprehensive Real Property lien solution that will enable child support agencies in states to increase collections and identify critical locate information. Using the same approach and systems we use for insurance intercept, CSLN offers a web-based processing module for real property lien processing. CSLN provides the match data, analysis, research, verification and validates the match results and can place the lien on the real property. In addition, CSLN can develop an electronic interface that will provide the state with lien information to update the child support system on all real property lien information.

As required under P.L. 98-378 — the Child Support Enforcement Amendments of 1984 required improvements in State and local CSE programs including many new techniques utilized for enforcing the payment of Child Support like the use of real property liens. The CSLN proposed solution provides a consistent source of real property asset data on delinquent obligors. There is potential for current data to enable states to establish liens on real property assets for the purpose of enforcing child support orders. The most significant benefits are derived from the ability to issue real property liens on a timely and efficient basis when obligors sell or purchase real property, or desire to finance or re-finance property. Delinquent obligors will be required to satisfy child support arrears in order to provide a clear title to Real Property. Many child support programs typically file liens in the county the order is entered, however, obligors may have an interest in real property anywhere.

Our Real Property matching program provides a consistent and efficient process for identifying specific real property information. It spans across the nation to encompass all child support programs allowing them to take advantage of information that is not easily accessible. Our automated system increases the likelihood of timely issuance of liens, provides an additional resource for locate information, and most importantly it improves the well-being of children and families.

Further, child support programs are able to use real property information to verify assets and locate NCPs who have not communicated changes in their residence to child support agencies. Through our efforts with CSLN member states, over the past few years we understand that the State's primary objectives for asset location services are as follows:

  • To establish and utilize comprehensive, efficient and effective systems for the management of asset information with minimum impact to existing staff.
  • To provide ongoing access to the CSLN asset information using on-line interactive web sites.
  • To conduct matching and follow-up functions to maximize timely enforcement techniques; and
  • To provide the States with ongoing regular and ad-hoc communications on the status of the project as required or requested.

In addition the CSLN will provide these services and further work to maximize the benefits gained by States from the CSLN Real Property Asset Location program by:

  • Increased compliance with federal lien requirements.
  • Increase non-custodial parent locates using matches of records from the Real Property data.

The CSLN plan meeting these objectives is based on three key elements:

Capitalize on Internet Communication
As we have demonstrated in our record of operating the CSLN insurance intercept programs, a key objective in our strategy is to maximize Internet reporting and communication with states and the insurance industry. Having been the network that supported the insurance intercept project, we continue to be a leader in electronic lien processing via the Internet. Our web-based interactive features provide states with the most efficient and accurate enforcement and reporting methods. At a time when budget issues plague both public and private sectors our Internet processes and timely enforcement information offer states the most effective, efficient and cost saving methods in the industry.

We provide secure methods for transmitting data between our database and the States via the Internet. Our program is not just geared to finding new assets to report, but encouraging a fully automated process that provides maximum benefit to the child support enforcement community. We provide the best Internet and electronic reporting options, and have found that today's users prefer Internet reporting and electronic file transmission. Our staff accommodates member states with customized formats for transmitting and receiving data as well as formatting and providing customized legal documents to expedite the lien process.

State-of-the-Art Technology
The CSLN emphasizes attaining high levels of efficiency in the operation of asset location programs. We achieve these high levels through the use of our state-of-art technology to support matching process, analysis of the data and data entry requirements. Our web-based CSLN system expedites data entry in numerous ways. Its simple and friendly user interface utilizes technology to provide us with an excellent communication tool for informing local offices of centralized enforcement activities as well as outreach and compliance issues.

Comprehensive Communication Tools
The CSLN approach for outreach provides for a user-friendly and consistent communication that delivers asset information to Child Support Enforcement staff in numerous ways. Local offices may be informed directly using targeted E-mails regarding new liens issued. CSLN staff work to build and maintain positive relationships with member states. We employ several basic techniques: personal visits, the telephone, web meetings and emails to demonstrate our willingness to work together. Our common goal is to improve automation features as well as making the most efficient use of existing tools. In addition, the CSLN has developed a web-based County Recorder Profile interface. The interface provides state users with the capability of accessing recorder / land office profiles (county office and physical locations) and acquiring lien filing guidelines.

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