Welcome to the Child Support Lien Network

Insurance Industry Outreach

This letter and the enclosed material is intended to inform you and your company of your legal requirements to immediately begin to intercept insurance payments for child support arrears and how to access information on delinquent child support obligors subject to insurance intercept.

Rhode Island General Law 27-57-1 through 27-57-4 requires every domestic insurance company authorized to issue policies of liability insurance or workers compensation insurance, within 30 days prior to the making of any payment equal to or in excess of five hundred dollars ($500) to any claimant, for personal injury or workers compensation benefits under a contract of insurance, to review an on-line secure web database provided by our department. Insurers must withhold the amount of past due child support as reported on the database from the claimant / obligor's settlement amount and send this amount to the Rhode Island Family Court. For additional requirements, please read the law on our web site

The insurance intercept law has been in effect for several years. The Rhode Island Dept. of Administration, Division of Taxation-Child Support Enforcement Office has recently published, on the Internet, a database of delinquent obligors which provides easy access and processing for insurance companies. This web site was designed, developed and tested in cooperation with an advisory committee of Rhode Island insurance companies and representatives. A recent pilot test, using real claims and real delinquent child support obligor cases, has proven to be extremely successful.

The enclosed material explains how your company must use this web site to meet your legal requirements under the law. I am confident that you will find this web-enabled application to be fast and easy to use and will fit into your company's business strategy for technology.

If you have any questions, the enclosed material provides contact information. Thank you for your cooperation in assisting children get the child support they deserve.



Jack Murphy