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What Happens Next?

  1. If this is a Preliminary lookup and the settlement is not due within 30 days, click the Preliminary button and return to the CSLN site to perform another lookup within 30 days of settlement.

  2. If this is settlement is less than $500, please click the Alert button to communicate with CSE that this settlement is less than $500.

    A Rhode Island Child Support Enforcement Investigator may contact you.

    You are not required to intercept or delay distribution of the claimant's funds unless CSE places an administrative lien against this settlement.

  3. If this settlement is greater than $500:

    An "Intercept Worksheet" is available to guide the claims adjuster through the calculations to determine the amount to be intercepted and sent to the Rhode Island Family Court. (Copies may be printed or e-mailed to the adjuster's address.)

    Withhold the amount of past-due child support as reported on the CSLN database from the claimant / obligor's settlement amount. Send this amount to:

    Rhode Island Family Court
    c/o Rhode Island Child Support
    Payment Service Unit
    PO Box 5073
    Hartford, Connecticut 06102-5073

    Provide written notice by First Class Mail to:

    The Claimant
    The Claimant's Attorney (if any)
    The Department of Administration, Division of Taxation, Child Support Enforcement

    These forms may be generated from this web site by continuing through the "Display Notices" and "Generate Notices" processes.

    The "Display Notices" screen allows the adjuster to update the claimant's address information as well as enter the claimant attorney's name and address, if necessary to generate the appropriate notices.

    The "Generate Notices" screen automatically creates a written notice to satisfy this requirement. The notices may be printed onto your company's stationery or you may adapt the language from the notice into a form letter generated by your own system.

  4. An email notice will be automatically generated to the CSE agency for Rhode Island as well as to the claims adjuster performing the lookup.

All states have new administrative lien and subpoena powers enacted into law by the U.S. Congress in 1996. State Child Support agencies can issue subpoenas administratively to any person, business or entity to determine assets and access personal information belonging to persons who owe child support. States can issue liens and levies administratively against the assets of delinquent parents in order to collect past due support. In addition, Congress required all states pass legislation that recognizes each state's administrative authority and powers across state lines. Thus, the States belonging to the Child Support Lien Network are operating under new law in order to discover insurance claim data.

Contact Information

Note: The name and phone number of the Investigator handling the case will be included in the Notices you receive from Rhode Island Department of Human Services, Office of Child Support Services.

Department of Human Services
Office of Child Support Services
77 Dorrance Street
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 458-4400

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