Welcome to the Child Support Lien Network

Insurance Industry Outreach

Welcome to the Pennsylvania Child Support Lien Network. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Child Support Enforcement Program’s mission is to improve children’s economic security by obtaining child support obligations and payments. Pennsylvania’s program has been at the forefront of growth and change throughout its existence. Most of the change results from federal and state laws designed to improve the effectiveness of the Child Support Program – in direct recognition of the importance of child support in families’ and children’s lives. This change requires a constant evolution and response to how we accomplish our work. Pennsylvania is continuously working to enhance collection efforts so that the children of this state receive more of the child support to which they are entitled. Therefore, we are asking for your participation in a new project that will bring us closer to achieving that goal.

Pennsylvania recently entered into an agreement with the Child Support Lien Network (CSLN). CSLN was established to make delinquent child support obligor information accessible to insurance companies, specifically for the purpose of intercepting insurance claim settlements that are owed to delinquent child support obligors. Pennsylvania’s information is available in an easy to use, secure database, which can be accessed at, or through data matching. We believe you will find the website easy to use and that it will facilitate your company’s ability to “match” the delinquent obligor information with your records (insurance claims) and notify our agency.

Once the Domestic Relations Section (DRS) has received notification of a “match”, the DRS will issue a legal notice regarding what action you should take for the claim. A copy of this notice will also be sent to the claimant (delinquent obligor) as a matter of due process.

Even though there are many collection remedies available to our agency, an intercepted insurance claim settlement may be the only way for a family to recover years of unpaid child support. For that reason, we are asking for your participation in this new and innovative program, which will help us ensure that financial support becomes a reality for many young lives. Thank you for your consideration of this worthwhile venture.

Daniel Richard, Director
Bureau of Child Support Enforcement