Welcome to the Child Support Lien Network

What Happens Next?

Arizona has contracted with the Child Support Lien Network (CSLN) for the purpose of intercepting insurance settlements. CSLN services review and investigate pending nationwide insurance claims/settlements. Arizona submits its cases to CSLN on a monthly basis. If CSLN locates a match, they will send the insurance company a legal notice on behalf of Arizona Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE). The insurance company must comply with the provisions set forth in the notices (IWO or LIWO) under Arizona law.

The legal notices sent to the insurance company by CSLN for Arizona are 1) Income Withholding Order (IWO) for periodic payments or 2) Limited Withholding Order (LIWO) for lump sum payments. The type of notices sent will depend on the type of insurance settlement that is available. When a final settlement is ready to be paid, the insurance company will send the payment directly to DCSE for the non-custodial parent's case(s). The insurance company is to mail the payments directly to the Arizona State Disbursement Unit (Clearinghouse) to be applied to all of the non-custodial parent's case(s).