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Washington What Happens Next?

  1. When a Child Support Lien Network match occurs, the CSLN notifies Washington’s Division of Child Support (DCS).

  2. A DCS representative may contact you for additional information.

  3. If the non-custodial parent (NCP) is receiving workmen’s compensation, DCS will mail an Order to Withhold and Deliver – Labor an Industries Benefits directly to the insurance company by first-class mail or by fax if requested. DCS also sends a copy of the order directly to the claimant. The order shows how much DCS wants you to deduct on a monthly basis and the amount of the claimant’s past-due child support obligation.

  4. If the NCP has a personal-injury settlement pending, first DCS will mail a Notice of Lien directly to the insurance company by first-class mail or by fax if requested.  When the funds become payable to the obligor, the insurance company must contact DCS. DCS then sends an Order to Withhold and Deliver – Property and Accounts on the insurance company to attach the payment.

All states have new administrative lien and subpoena powers enacted into law by the U.S. Congress in 1996. State Child Support agencies can issue subpoenas administratively to any person, business or entity to determine assets and access personal information belonging to persons who owe child support. States can issue liens and levies administratively against the assets of delinquent parents in order to collect past due support. In addition, Congress required all states pass legislation that recognizes each state’s administrative authority and powers across state lines. Thus, the States belonging to the Child Support Lien Network are operating under new law in order to discover insurance claim data.

Contact Information

Note:    The name, address, and phone number of the Support Enforcement Officer handling the case will be included on all withholding documents that you receive from Washington’s Division of Child Support.

Washington Division of Child Support
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