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Life Insurance Matches Fuel Texas Child Support Collections!

November 9, 2016 -

The Texas Office of the Attorney General, Special Collections Unit recently collected a significant amount of child support from just three CSLN life insurance matches. These three matches alone yielded an intercept value totaling $182,961.64! These funds had a considerable impact in two ways. First, the funds were disbursed among six families.  Secondly, in one “arrears only” case, the entire unpaid support amount was fully satisfied, resulting in the case’s closure by the State.

Here is a quick glance at the extraordinary, 5-digit Texas life insurance collections, which provided multiple families long overdue child support payments.

Texas Life Insurance Collections Table

Life insurance matches are proving time and time again to be a vital collection resource in Texas, particularly on those cases where all available collection efforts have been exhausted. Impressive life insurance intercepts have a far-reaching impact on cases with significant arrears amounts. It is this type of public/private partnership that truly makes a positive financial impact on families.

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