Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

December 18, 2017 -

Ms. Helen Ross, an Ohio child support professional from Warren County, swiftly acted on an insurance claim which delivered valuable results for two families having experienced limited and sporadic child support payments for their minor children. The non-custodial parent accrued significant amounts of child support arrears owed on cases within both Montgomery and Warren Counties. Ms. Ross quickly discovered that the non-custodial parent had a pending Liberty Mutual insurance claim with a lien on file for the Montgomery case only. She immediately collaborated with the insurance company as well as the attorney's office in pursuit of additionally securing the Warren County child support arrears.

Ms. Ross clearly recognized that time was of the essence on this CSLN match. According to the adjuster, the claim had already been settled with an attorney representing the claimant. Helen quickly expedited the lien paperwork with the attorney's office to file the lien on the Warren County case.   Her perseverance and due diligence in following up with this claim paid off. Instead of a check for $23,000, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company sent Ohio $36,000 to cover both child support cases.   The long overdue child support payments finally arrived for both families. A lump sum payment for over $22,000 was issued to the case in Warren County, and the Montgomery case received a child support payment of over $14,000.

It is this type of scenario that illustrates the importance of timely processing of insurance matched claims. Ms. Ross demonstrated the critical need to follow up, monitor and collaborate closely with all parties involved in the insurance match process to achieve a successful insurance intercept. CSLN commends Ms. Ross' efforts and applauds the passion and commitment she displays to ensure financial support for the children and families in Ohio.